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Supreme performance arises when engineering prowess is coupled with skilled craftsmanship. We apply this principle to deliver the ultimate ceramic paint protection solutions for your prized vehicle. This is why, at Exclusive Detail in Oklahoma City, we are certified installers of Gtechniq coatings, the leading ceramic car coating in America.
Gtechniq coatings have revolutionized the way you can protect your paint. Originally, you would have to wash your car every few months and apply a new layer of wax or sealant to bring back shine and keep your clear-coat protected from the elements. This was a labor-intensive activity or expensive service to purchase regularly. Ceramic coatings push boundaries to a new level by delivering exponentially improved protection and durability.

Ceramic coatings are advanced crosslink liquid polymers that bond to your paint at a molecular level. This creates a new permanent layer of protection on your paint job, essentially like applying a second, stronger clear-coat your paint.

Coatings are dramatically different from paint sealants and carnauba waxes. Their strong nanoparticles make them resistant to most chemicals which enable them to withstand hundreds of car washes, unlike waxes that disappear after 2-3 washes. This property unique to ceramic coatings avoids the hassle of having to reapply a wax or sealant every few months – saving you time and money.

System X’s engineers have designed their ceramic coatings to be ridiculously hydrophobic. The word “hydrophobic” is derived from the word “hydrophobia” which literally means “the fear of water”.

The hyper-hydrophobic properties of System X’s ceramic coatings repel water extremely well. This causes dirt, mud, tar, and other contaminants to be repelled as well, keeping your paint cleaner, longer in between washes.

By making it harder for grime to stick to your paint, System X’s hydrophobic technology will make washing your vehicle a lot easier and faster. The water and soap alone will easily pick up dirt and sheet it off your paint.

Gtechniq is the thickest and most chemically resistant coating available today. Gtechniq shattered the industry’s barriers by introducing a 10H resistance coating. With a top layer resistance of 10H, Gtechniq ceramic paint coatings can withstand for years the acidic effect of even the worst bird drops and other acidic contaminants that would otherwise leave etching stains on your clear coat.

This high-resistance to chemicals also means this ceramic coating won’t wash off even after hundreds of car washes, after all, it is 100 times thicker than a wax!

We can’t talk about ceramic coatings without mentioning the deep gloss and amazing shine they add to vehicle’s paint. Your vehicle will maintain that freshly waxed look year-round and for years to come!

Ceramic car coatings have been engineered to dramatically outlast waxes and sealants. Our large selection of Gtechniq ceramic paint coatings can last anywhere from 2-Years up to 10-Years, effectively lasting the entire car ownership lifecycle.

Our Ceramic Coating Services

Gtechniq ExoV4


Starting Price: $600

Crystal Serum Ultra


Starting Price: $1,200

Crystal Serum Light


Starting Price: $900



Starting Price: $350

1-Year Ceramic Spray


Starting Price: $200

Exterior Window Coating


Starting Price: $100